Natural Resources Projects

  • Black_Eagle_dam from southshore Black Eagle 100kV Line and Substation Replacement Project - Black Eagle, Montana The Black Eagle hydroelectric facility generates approximately 21 megawatts and is a run-of-the-river project owned and operated by NorthWestern Energy. The Black Eagle Project required the replacement of an existing, but aging 100kV-radial line and wooden H-frame structures.
  • Great Falls Transmission Line Replacement Project Great Falls 100kV Generation Interconnection Replacement Project - Great Falls, Montana PPL Montana‚Äôs $55-million Great Falls 100kV Generation Interconnection Replacement Project included the replacement of aging 100kV lines and wooden H-frame structures along a 10-mile corridor and supporting infrastructure.
  • RainbowDamProject Rainbow Redevelopment Project - Great Falls, Montana The Rainbow Hydroelectric Development, originally built in 1910, is located on the Missouri River near Great Falls, Montana.
  • TFalls Fish Ladder Thompson Falls Upstream Fish Passage Project - Thompson Falls, Montana Thompson Falls Dam was built in 1913 and as with many hydropower facilities at this time fish passage was not a component of construction.